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Evernote Camera Roll 20150129 111157Formerly known as Esquire Insurance, Signature Insurance Group has been locally owned and operated since 1978. We offer very reasonable rates with some of the most knowledgeable agents in the industry. Signature Insurance Group specializes in Auto, Home, Health, Life Commercial & General Liability policies. Let Signature Insurance Group do your homework for you and find the policy for you that fits your needs as well as your budget. Offices are conveniently located in Winder, Monroe, Covington, Greensboro, Madison and Commerce

Low insurance rates can mean the difference between financial struggle and lasting peace of mind. We at Signature Insurance offer the best insurance rates for the kind of insurance you and your family are in need of. Why should you have to worry about how much it costs to be protected when we have low insurance rates made just for you?

We are a family-oriented company that aims to provide the best insurance rates based on your specific personal needs. Having been operational since 1978, we know the ins and outs of the insurance market and we have determined that giving you home insurance or car insurance doesn’t have to burn a hole through your pocket. We value our clients and decided to take it upon us to provide you with the kind of insurance you need—at rates agreeable to you.

Our mission to provide the best rates for the different insurance policies you need has not changed throughout the years. What we aim to provide you is the most effective and cost-efficient way to have car insurance for your peace of mind while on the road, or home insurance to let you sleep more soundly at night knowing that should accidents ever happen, we have you covered.

We know what it’s like to deal with the surprises that life throws at you. Why risk your investments and the quality of the life you lead by being perennially worried about not being protected? We are here to help you out. Apart from home and auto insurance policies, we also offer life, health, and commercial insurance for your personal and professional needs. We may have changed our name but Signature Insurance’s core mission stays the same—to provide you high quality services at the best rates for you.

When you’ve made your mind up about which insurance policy you need, you can visit us at any of our branches. We’re in Commerce, Madison, Winder, Covington, Monroe, and Greensboro, GA and our agents are more than ready to assist you with any of your insurance needs. Should you be in need of advice on which policy would suit your needs best, our experts can offer you several choices—all of which are designed to be the best insurance for you.

You can also call us at 770-867-1964 to get a free quote. For top of the line insurance services and rates, Signature Insurance is at your disposal.

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