5 Steps for Repairing Deep Scratches on Your Car

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Every car owner has encountered a deep scratch or two before. It’s always a head-scratching moment, especially when one wants to figure out how to get rid of it fast.


After all, these deep scratches leads to even bigger problems:


They cost a lot to repair.

They heighten the risk of rusting.


Add to that the fact that they’re unsightly to look at, and you have a certified problem in your hands.


In this article, learn how you can skip the expensive detailing and go the DIY route.


Here are the steps on how you can finally get rid of those deep scratches yourself:


1) Clean the scratch using rubbing alcohol.

Make sure you get rid of any traces of leftover wax.


2) Squeeze some putty around the scratch.

Using a small squeegee, spread the putty into the scratch. Allow this to dry for around 2 to 3 minutes.


3) Cover a foam wet sanding block with a shop towel. Apply some paint leveler to the towel.

Wipe this towel across the putty to remove the excess putty around the scratch. Make sure you do this gently, so that you leave the right amount of putty inside the scratch.


4) Apply the touch-up paint over the putty using the finest brush you can find.

Make sure you dab the paint on, avoid brushing or wiping it. The coat should be extremely light as well. Allow this paint to dry overnight.


5) Once the paint has dried up, check if it has covered the scratch completely.


Should the scratch still be noticeable, you can either add more paint or just add a clear coat on top of it.


Now, this is definitely a more cost-effective way of making that deep scratch disappear.


So the next time you encounter any problems with your automobile, try to see if there’s a way to DIY it first. This will allow you to cut back on costs and take a more personal approach to the problem.


For bigger problems, have yourself covered with an affordable auto insurance in Georgia. This will ensure you have other options in case your car becomes damaged from an accident.


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auto insurance quote, affordable auto insurance georgia

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