Save with Sig: 5 Ways To Save Money On Coffee

For many of us, grabbing a cup of coffee is a small treat that fits seamlessly into our busy days. You might visit your local coffee shop to elevate an errand run, catch up with friends, or get a much-needed energy boost on your way to work. Coffee might not seem like a significant expense in your budget. After all, it only costs a few dollars a cup. But those dollars can really add up over time.

Finding ways to save money on coffee isn’t going to solve all of your financial problems. But it can build some much-needed breathing room into your budget, and that’s definitely worthwhile. We’ve got five ideas that can help you cut costs while still enjoying your daily coffee.

1. Make Coffee At Home – At Least Sometimes

It’s no secret that you can save a lot of money by making coffee at home instead of going to a shop. In fact, depending on your typical order, you can save around $300 to $700 a year by switching from Starbucks-brewed coffee to a home-brewed option. So why isn’t this option more popular? For one thing, buying coffee out is convenient and mess-free. It often represents a moment of pampering in a day that’s full of responsibilities. While you don’t have to brew every single cup at home, here are a few tips to make that option more appealing:

  • Invest in a high-quality home brewing machine. It will pay for itself over time!
  • Stock up on flavored syrups, milk frothers, and other tools you’ll need to replicate your favorite specialty drink.
  • Collect some nice travel coffee mugs. Let’s face it – it’s fun to carry a cup from your favorite coffee company. But you can also find reusable cups that look and feel special – and they’re better for the environment, too.

2. Hack Your Coffee Shop Order

When you do visit a coffee shop, you can often save a lot of money by making slight changes to your order. For example, during warm weather, you can save by ordering a hot coffee – then icing it yourself. You can also experiment with drinks that have a higher ratio of coffee to foamed milk. These offer more sips and more caffeine for your buck.

3. Bring Your Own Cup

Many coffee shops will reward you for bringing your own reusable cup to the shop. This not only cuts down on waste in landfills, but it also lets the coffee shop save on supplies. Check with your favorite shop about their policies.

4. Join A Rewards Program

Remembering to use your rewards card or app is well worth the savings. Visiting the same coffee shop regularly will also help you maximize your rewards. If a shop offers zero incentives for loyal customers, consider removing it from your rotation.

5. Try Coffee Alternatives

Don’t panic – you don’t need to completely give up coffee. But consider swapping out a cup or two a week with a different beverage, and see how this makes you feel. Highly caffeinated tea can give you a great buzz at a low cost. Chai tea can be an especially great vehicle for your favorite coffee additives, like cream, sugar and syrups. Other coffee alternatives include golden milk, hot chocolate, and cider.

Saving With Sig

Saving money is a lifestyle, and it involves a series of choices about every aspect of your life. We hope these tips will help you shave some dollars from your yearly coffee budget. To save money on insurance, too, check out our free quote tool today.