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A clean car is a beauty. Alas, not every car owner can drop by the neighborhood car wash in a snap. At times when your vehicle is screaming for a bath, a 15-minute wash is a quick solution.

Detailing authority Larry Kosilla posted an original video on AutoBlog, showing how you can wash your car in just 15 minutes. Note that this is for a vehicle that falls under the dusty to the slightly dirty category.



Based on the video, here’s how you can clean your own car in a jiffy.

1) Gather the items you need

You’ll need a hose (of water), microfiber towels, paint drying lubricant, and spray wax. If you don’t have a hose, substitute with a bucket filled with water.


2) Rinse down the patent wheels

Before spraying the car with water, get rid of the dirt and debris on its wheels. Using a hose to do this is recommended. The water pressure can easily detach the dirt from the patent wheels. The water pressure also eliminates a step where you need to manually scrub the dirt off the wheels. The hose saves you time.


3) Wet the entire car from top to bottom

Once the wheels are rinsed, position the hose on the top of the car. Then let the water trickle from top to bottom. If possible, work away from direct sunlight to avoid any premature, uneven drying.


4) Dry with a microfiber towel

Rinse the towel, wring out the water, and fold it four times. Squirt dry paint lubricant on it thrice. Applying on straight lines, wipe the car from top to bottom. Reapply the lubricant when necessary. To avoid light scratching from the dirt, refold the towel. Have two or three more towels handy. Rotate the towels to avoid putting back the dirt.

For the rims, use an old microfiber towel or terry cloth to dry them out.


5) Use spray wax to do a last-minute touch-up

Before using your newly washed car, use spray wax and a clean microfiber towel to touch up water spots or drips. The key to a quick (and still proper) car wash is lubrication.

By rinsing the car, you eliminate the chance of it being dented or scratched. This is a good technique if you want to maintain your affordable auto insurance Georgia rate.

Although this is a quick fix, it’s still important to spend some time to thoroughly wash your car. Otherwise, drop it off at your local car wash.


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