What Information Do I Need to Get an Auto Insurance Quote?

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No two insurance providers are alike. That’s why it is so important that you get multiple quotes from different carriers to make sure you are getting the best value possible. Especially when it comes to your car insurance, you have to make sure that you have the right kind of insurance that won’t leave you broke paying the premiums, but will give you enough coverage to protect you.

What Information Do I Need to Get an Auto Insurance Quote

Here are some of the things that you need to prepare to get the most accurate auto insurance quotes from our Winder, Greensboro, Monroe, Covington, or Madison offices:

  • Current Policy. Your current policy would be a great basis for your next policy in case you want to consider your other options. It would be a great way for other insurance providers to figure out which parts of your old policy they could improve on, and would be a great way for them to figure out what kind of savings they could give you.
  • Mileage. The farther you drive on a daily basis, the higher the risks of you getting into an accident as well. And more often than not, the higher the risks, the higher the premiums that you would have to pay as well.
  • Vehicle History. How old is your car? How many accidents has it been in? All these would be put into consideration in figuring out how much you need to pay for the kind of coverage you need. This would allow the provider to have a clearer perspective of how high the risks are.
  • Vehicle Storage. Where is your vehicle stored? Yes, even this is important when it comes to your coverage. There is definitely a huge difference when it comes to the level of risk concerned if you store your car in a secure garage, as opposed to an open parking lot or a side street.
  • Ownership. Do you own the car outright, or are you still paying for it? Is it leased? Different scenarios when it comes to ownership would also affect the kind of coverage needed.
  • Drivers. How many people drive the car? Is it just you? Does your son have access to it as well? Your wife? These would tell the provider how many people they have to protect.

Getting an auto insurance quote is pretty easy especially if you have all the details on hand. Bring your agent this information in order to get the most accurate quote possible.

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