Best Summer Ever: How to Make the Most of Your Summer with Your Kids

Do you remember the joy of summertime when you were a kid? A lot may have changed, but summer is still many kids’ favorite time of year, and there are plenty of affordable ways to make sure it’s magical for your own children without spending a small fortune.

1) Backyard Camping

Transform your backyard into a camping haven. Pitch a tent, roll out the sleeping bags, and gather around a cozy campfire (safely contained in a fire pit, of course). Roast marshmallows, tell ghost stories, and stargaze to your heart’s content. You can even teach your kids how to catch fireflies in a jar. 

2) DIY Water Park

Beat the summer heat with a homemade water park in your backyard. Set up a slip-and-slide (or even just a tarp and hose), an inflatable pool, and sprinklers. Water balloons, sponges, and even a plain old bucket can all heighten the fun. And never underestimate the fun that a plain old hose can provide!

3) The Ultimate Cardboard Fort

Don’t throw away those boxes just yet! Collect cardboard boxes of all sizes or see whether your local grocery or package store has any to give away. Then, armed with scissors and duct or masking tape, you and your kids can build whatever comes to mind. A fort is a great place to start, but you could create a maze, a vehicle, or even a cool costume. All you need is imagination!

4) Summer Reading Programs

Your local library and bookstores are almost certain to be hosting summer reading programs, with prizes that incentivize reading throughout school vacations. Sometimes, there will even be competitions for adults! You can make getting through the challenge fun at home by reading in unexpected places (under the bed? On the trampoline? On the table? Why not!?), hosting a family read-a-thon, or having your child help set up and decorate a special reading area. 

5) Bike Rides and Nature Walks

Dust off your bikes and helmets and embark on family bike rides or nature walks in your neighborhood or local trails. Explore new paths, discover hidden gems, and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors together. Consider making a nature scavenger hunt list or finding one online to keep everyone involved. It’s a great way to stay healthy and active while bonding as a family without spending a dime!

6) Explore Science

Foster a love of learning with DIY science experiments at home. You don’t need fancy equipment or expensive kits to conduct fun and educational experiments with your kids. From homemade volcanoes to simple chemistry experiments, there are plenty of budget-friendly ideas to spark their curiosity and creativity. Here’s a favorite: Try pouring milk into a shallow pan and add a few drops of food dye to the middle. Then, add just a bit of dish soap to the dye – watch how the colors swirl away from the soap to make new designs!

7) Community Events and Workshops

Check out local community centers, libraries, and museums for free or low-cost summer events and workshops for kids. From story time sessions to arts and crafts workshops, there’s bound to be something that piques your child’s interest.

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Saving money and having a great kid-friendly summer can go hand-in-hand! You don’t have to cut down on the fun just because you’re cutting back on your budget! But if you do need help saving money and want to explore some options, be sure to get in touch with Signature Insurance and save with SIG this summer!

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